Before synthetic dataset we must have robust and quality structured real-world data. Then only we will we have the solution for accurate data manipulation at various magnitudes of scale. Scaling is a problem that we can solve together.

structure data structured data structure data structured data structure data structured data

In a nutshell: We are promoting the use of  to structure information on the web using domains & sub-domains .

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Solving issues at scale.

We aims to provide over time:
1. Data indexing based on ontology architecture.
2. Data querying through CAMTREE.
3. Tokenising data source provenance.
4. Providing Affiliate Indexing Compensations.

We want to focus on the diversity and quality of data putting emphasis on collaborative development and validation. Garbage in is garbage out, let's not ignore this.

Quality videos to grasp the importance of structuring future multimodal big-data:

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